Being college student comes with a serious dilemma. College is weird because it’s not home, but home isn’t home anymore because you’re living at college. However, the baffling part is that you miss whichever one you’re not at. I’ve been at home in Dubai for almost  2 weeks now and it’s been wonderful living under the warmth and extortion of my parents again (sArCasm). However, there are some rare moments when I’m alone in my giant room with 2 cupboard and private bathroom, I really miss my little dorm with a dirty carpet and  impossible to climb lofted bed. I can’t stop thinking about my pile of  dirty laundry that I left in my cupboard. However, I miss the people I’ve been so used to for the past 4 months. The odd part is that I’ve known these people for just 4 months and they are suddenly so important to me than people that I’ve known for 4 years probably. As much as I don’t want to leave my old life that I was living in Dubai, I can’t wait to get back to my new one.


Sanna Kapoor


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