The Last Straw

Okay, so I’m 8 days away from my high school graduation. Wow, the inevitable has happened. The weird part of this whole situation is that if though I knew this day was eventually going to happen, yet it felt like such an unimaginable event. To be honest, the actual graduation is nothing fancy : You walk to the stage in a gown (over a sari), shake hands with the principle, collect your certificate, pose and walk away. Yup, 12 years of assiduous labour, assignments, rants and tears and it all leads to one piece of paper that is titled “High School Diploma”

My parents will be sitting in the crowd waiting for their own flesh and blood to walk up and grab a diploma. It’s history repeating itself over and over. The poignant moment that marks the end of my childhood, and a start to a brand new life from our old lives. Hands shaking, tapping our feet, anxiously as each name is called up. The next moment will flash by. We all acquire our turn to stand on stage, smiling, grabbing the framed diploma, then a flash… The anxiety silences. It’s one of those things you waste your whole childhood dreaming about, and now that the moment is here, you don’t know how to react.
It’s going to be a good, i’m sure of that. However, I don’t know if it is the end of an era or the beginning of a new journey.
                                                         . images

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