“Some questions cannot be answered. They become familiar weights in the hand, Ground stones pulled from the pocket, unyielding and cool.”

Overpriced T-shirts and waiting in line. I go to the mall very often. I made a beeline for the food court; I could literally feel my stomach grouch. My mother came carrying a large tray full of fats and carbs which in today’s world is called “Fast Food”. She placed my double cheese burger in front of me and for a strange reason I just stared at it for thirty seconds.
In fifteen thousand years, humans went from hunting and gathering to creating such improbabilities like the airplane, internet and the 390 calorie double cheese burger was there in front of me. This must’ve been an extraordinary journey. Now for a double cheese burger you need to feed, raise, slaughter cows, grind their meat then freeze it, ship it. You also have to grow some wheat and process it. You have milk some cows, convert their milk into cheese, and let’s not even mention the growing and picking of the cucumber or the sweetening of tomatoes or the grinding of mustard seeds! How did we reach a generation where such a complex contraption is even possible? Moreover, how can these 390 calories are served to me in just 5 dirhams?
Questions like these truly cannot be answered, because there is no date when it happened or a written history that explains it. Moreover, what makes this more thought provoking is that we carry these unfathomable questions all around us. They are a burden because they remind how limited our ‘power to know everything’ actually is.We all are confined to such boundaries where we are unable to imagine the unimaginable simply because it’s beyond our imagination. There is always a good side to all this, it tells us that progress in not restricted by boundaries. Just like fifteen thousand years ago, our ancestors couldn’t have possibly imagined a simple double cheeseburger; we cannot imagine what lies ahead of us.It all starts with a tiny, stupid idea, then one thing leads to another, and suddenly, you find something amazing: yourself.
True it is that we carry “round stones” in our pockets, but I do not believe they are “unyielding”. They give the hope to explore, invent and counter which is what we need in our contemporary world.
That simple lunch at the mall made a huge impact. Now somebody might ask how of all things a double cheeseburger was able to inspire me but after all “Some questions cannot be answered.”


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