10 Awesome Feelings

Recently I’ve noticed that my posts have become a little downbeat. It’s not really my fault. I’ve been very stressed with work which had made me, let’s say, a bit exasperated. Ergh, my first world privileged life is so hard. However, I realized something the other day. While I’ve been infuriated, anxious, worked up etc etc I’ve missed out on so many things.  I’ve enjoyed ranting about things, and complaining about things,but the truth of the matter is that the world is indeed full of pretty cool stuff. So, I’m going to contradict myself (Trust me, I wouldn’t be a teenager if I didn’t) and talk about some awesome things in my life. These things are those that we generally don’t think about on the daily basis. They’re so insignificant that we fail to see how amazing they actually are. So let’s get to it, shall we?

1. The Airport Pick Up

      When someone you love picks you up from the airport at 3am arrival flight.  When your grandparents, or parents shows up it feels like you’re getting airlifted out of the jungle.When you spot them waiting for you make sure to drop that suitcase and run with your backpack into a big beautiful airport hug. For just a moment everything fades to distant background blur. Confession : I almost teared when I saw my mum who came to pick me up after I landed from Singapore after a week’s trip. Yes, I’m a little embraced.

2.Last Day of School

Nobody’s in the mood to study and the teacher well knows that. The day before the session end is just best.Making plans for pool parties, summer birthdays, and sleeping in every morning gives you a great rush and as you walk home with that pen-scratched yearbook in your light and baggy backpack, you curl your lips into a tight smile and stare way off into the distances… thinking tall thoughts … and dreaming big dreams … to fill those beautifully wide open spaces.

3. Stars

They show up in the dark!!!

And when you look up in the dark you see their twinkling beauty, burning yesterday, light years away. Stars remind us how small we are, how far we’ve come, how fast we’re flying, and how we’re never all done. Atoms inside us were in outer space one day … and all of our atoms will fly again that same way.

Millions of suns, flickering in silence, shimmering, sparkling, twinkling.

4. Me time

Lights flash, bulbs blast, and twisted thoughts race around our brains. But handshakes and smiles tire after a while and sometimes all you want is chill time on your own.

5. Passing by the house you grew up.

Every time I pass by I can’t help but glare at the very first house I lived when we first moved to Dubai. It was a corner villa so it’s hard to miss. It has become shadier in the last couple of years but I still love it the same.

6. Old Baby Photos

Reminiscing about how full of joy, effortless, and jovial life was. The biggest problem was that mom wouldn’t let you stay up past 9.30. Honestly, I don’t even remember when was the last time I slept at 9.30

7. Your birthday week

One day is just not enough!

Seriously, the name birthday itself implies that annual celebrations of your life must be squeezed into twenty-four hours. Just one day? That’s not nearly enough time to celebrate good times, come on!

8. Clicking pens with really strong springs.

Yes, it can be frustrating for the person next to you, but it’s a guilty pleasure we all enjoy. If you’re saying that you don’t enjoy clicking pens. You’re probably not human.

9. Mums and Dads

I don’t think this even needs a justification. Parents are truly the awesomest things. We’re so busy growing up ourselves, we often forget they’re growing old.

10.Finishing your last exam.

After sitting on a wobbly wood desk scribbling answers for hours, you finally tip-toe to the front and hand in your last exam. Now you can say goodbye to biology, say goodbye to photosynthesis, say goodbye to hypotenuses, and say goodbye to the leaky pen ink and the invigilator sitting heavy in the hot room.

That’s sums up this post. Basically. I’m sure most of these things are common to most of us. I must say, that was very liberating.


Sanna Kapoor


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